Pastor Terry Baum has operated in the capacity of full-time ministry for over 30 years.   He is a powerful teacher who delivers God’s truth with conviction and filled with God’s Grace.  From the moment you hear Terry speak you feel empowered with faith and ready to go beyond all limits.  His delivery of relevant teaching not only motivates you, it gives you keys to make it through everyday life. 

Terry’s ministry is for all ages, whether you are in your twenties or reaching your twilight years.  His years of wisdom in the ministry, gives him the necessary tools to reach individuals on every level of life.   Terry states, “It is never to late to live life beyond Limits!”

Terry Baum is the founding pastor of No Limits Church.  No Limits Church was started  in May 2009, and is a church that is for everyone.  Whether you are single, married, parents, or teens this church is for you!  NLC has great family programs, youth groups, and small group settings.  It is a church that makes you feel like family.  Terry is all about family.  His spare time is spent with his four grandchildren Brooklyn, Eliza, Cadence and Spencer.  He feels like family is his greatest accomplishment in life and plans to build NLC into a big family.

Terry is no stranger to birthing new churches.  In his 30 years of ministry, he has helped pioneer churches that have grown from a few members to over 5000 in attendance.

Terry moved to the Orlando area over 35 years ago to start on a ministry journey that has seen over 20,000 conversions for Christ and growth beyond compare.  Terry is excited to bring No Limits Church to Orlando, FL.  He and his lovely wife Debra love Orlando and feel like it is time to take Orlando Beyond limits.

If you are looking for a place of encouragement, empowerment, and enthusiasm visit No Limits Church!